Our Cheeses are locally sourced, we aim to provide a variety of Cheeses.

Lancashire Cheese

This Award Winning Cheese has a fresh, slightly acidic flavour with a smooth and moist texture.

Garstang Blue 

A unique, rich & mellow blue Cheese with a open body & velvety smooth creamy texture.

White Stilton & Apricot 

White Stilton is blended with dried Apricots to combine the mild fresh flavour of Cheese with succulent fruit pieces for a sweet and fruity flavour.

Blacksticks Blue 

A soft blue veined Cheese made from pasteurised milk.  Aged for 8 Weeks during which it develops a distinctive amber hue with a creamy yet tangy taste.


A relatively hard orange Cheese, mellow in character, close and firm in texture.  One of the most popular Cheeses in the UK.


A thick velvety white crust, with a slightly grainy to almost runny texture.   The mildest Cheese with a wonderful aroma of mushrooms.

Smoked Applewood 

A white smoke flavoured Cheddar Cheese, dense semi hard and coated with mild Paprika.


Semi, soft, crumbly becomes creamier with age.  Rich and mellow in flavour with a yeasty sweetness and salty nutty finish.